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  • Usage Areas of Geotextile Felt
    1.  PROTECTION:    Geotextiles  protect  pipes and geomembran   from  deformation   in organized  storage areas. Properly  chosen geotextiles  cannot  be effected  by high dynamical  forces and barren  land.

    2.   SEPARATION:    To mixture  two  different   materials  causes lower quality  in engineering  performance. The separation  usage of geotextiles  are used for separating two  united  materials. Geotextiles  are ideally used for separation  due to its endurance,  longevity,  and high cellular features.

    3.   FilTRATION:      Geotextiles     provide    liquid   disposal   as it  keeps  the  solid   particules    inside   if it  is used  for  filtration     usage.

    4.  ASPHALT  WORKS:   In the use of asphalt work, due to the lack of design, material  and environmental   effect,  asphalt cracks appear. In order to solve this problem, generally  new asphalt  layers are used. Geotextiles  must be on the cracked asphalt surface  to prevent further  deformation   on the asphalt. In this case, geotextile  isused for emitting  pressure.

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