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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Question 1: Which Plywood is preferred the most?
    Answer: At the moment Russian Plywoods are requested the most, but time to time, low priced products are also demanded.

    Question 2: Which Plywood can be used how many times?
    Answer: Russian, Letonian and Ukrainian Plywoods which are made of Birch Wood can be used 50-80 times. Brazilian, Austrian products can be used 10-15 times while Indian products only 3-5 times.  But obviously, usage time depends on the care of workers.

    Question 3: What shall we do for increasing the usage time of Plywoods?
    Answer: Edge paints are indispensable for the cut edges, Plywoods must not be thrown from the upper floors; workers should avoid using nails and edge protecting metals should be used.

    Question 4: Whose reference are you able to provide us?
    Answer: Our company is exporting to 15 countries but the biggest we can state is the Marmaray Project which is a undertunnel project made by Japanese engineers connecting the two sides of Istanbul to each other.

    Question 5: Which sizes and thicknesses are mostly demanded for Plywood?
    Answer: Most of our Film Faced Plywoods are 1250x2500 mm with %80 18 mm and %20 21 mm thickness.

    Question 6: Which tree is the best for Plywood?
    Answer: Birch is a tree grown in the cold climate of Russian. This specie is one of the most resistant with its 700 Kg/m³ density. Within this, Meranti tree imported from Indonesia is also as durable as the Russian Birch.

    Question 7: What do WBP and MR refer to?
    Answer: WBP means Water and Boil Proof and MR means Moisture Resistant ". Plywoods used for Formwork and for Exterior must contain WBP glue.

    Question 8: I heard that second grade products exist at the market. What shall I do?
    Answer: I/I written pallets for Russian products refer to 1st Grade, meanwhile I/II or II/II written pallets refer to lower grades. But some scam sellers are changing those pallets also, so working with reputable companies is the best solution.

    Question 9: What is the different between your Sveza, Fankom, SyPly, Tyumen, VPM, Odek Plywoods with logo?
    Answer: There is no different between those which are 13 plies with logo on the film.

    Question 10: Do you trust the products you are selling?
    Answer: As Sernak Company, we completely trust the products we are selling and we declare to keep all our promises.

    Question 11: What is the difference between OSB 2 and OSB 3 ?
    Answer: Water swelling of OSB 2 after 24 hours is around %20, while OSB 3s is %15. This is the only difference.

    Question 11: Your new Turkish OSB is as good as the others?
    Answer: Test reports, samples and customer feedbacks prove that our product is as good as the other OSBs. We fully trust our product.

    Question 12: Is it possible to buy your products at the customs area?
    Answer: We have products arriving to Istanbul and Mersin ports every week, so it is possible for transit trade.

    Question 13: Do you supply OSB with different sizes?
    Answer: We are able to provide OSBs with special sizes depending on your request.

    Question 14: How much can a truck be loaded?
    Answer: We can load the trucks upto 25 tonnes depending on the weight limits of your country. That is refers to 30 M³ of Russian Plywood.

    Question15: What should be the ideal roof coverage?
    Answer: OSB must be spread on the roof with 50-60 cm. rafter spaces. If not walked on it, 11 mm should be enough. On the OSB, 3 mm Polyester Water Isolation Membranes should be stuck with fire. Considering its low weight and nice view, Shingle can be preffered on the top of it, but if economically concerned, sanded membranes can be applicated as well
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